Nights like these make me feel super lonely. I promised myself a new beginning and better tomorrow and I will get there even if it kills me but I hate the fact that my past still eats at me. I hate that I care so much for you, I hate that I put up this front of not caring and how things are different but it isn’t true I still care, I always will. But unfortunately things for you are different you don’t care anymore you let it go so easily and I’m not sure how because I have tried every remedy but I am still this broken hearted insecure girl that believes that she will be hurt and used just like before. I hate that about myself it almost made me feel weak; I guess there is a thing of caring too much. So where do I start and how do I start because I’m not sure all I could think about is all the good byes I have to say and will say and I’m ready for it I just want to leave already and start new. I just can’t wait to not love you, I can’t wait to forget every painful memory that haunts me at night


*teacher hands you test*
“sorry I’m not interested”